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a higher standard of luxury

Landing is a luxury brand dedicated to bringing women the highest quality designer clothing and service. Our design and production process takes place in the United States, allowing us to operate with confidence that no moral or environmental harm has been done. Our goal is to produce beautiful clothing that will give our clients confidence in their wardrobe at reasonable prices.

The Landing Way

Landing manufactures in the United States to ensure each garment was responsibly made. By keeping the process close to home, we are able to better control the quality of our garments and offer a best in class service experience. We know that each new piece is produced responsibly because we visit our partners and production facilities often to talk about the design, fabrics, fit, and operations.


Our design process begins by talking to our customers, figuring out what is in their closet that makes them the most comfortable, the most confident, or what is missing. Consistently communicating with our customers helps inspire our designs and pieces each season.


The fit process always begins on a model so that we can get immediate feedback on the look and feel of each piece. We work through multiple rounds of revisions making sure each tweak is done to create the ultimate fit. Our fabrics are sourced for each individual piece so that fit and feel work in harmony.


When production finally begins we talk to our team about each garment individually. From cutting fabric to the finishings, every step is controlled to produce the highest quality product.

Luxury clothes responsibly made at uninflated prices.

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